Understanding the Holy Spirit

How do you know if the holy spirit is telling you something or if it is just you? Is it a voice? A feeling? A gut instinct? Trying to describe the Holy Spirit is very hard. The only way I can put it is, if it's him you'll know. Today I knew it was him.

This morning I was getting ready to go into Phoenix to hand out food and water and pray for people again. On my way downtown I prayed, asking God that if there was anyone he wanted me to meet today that he would show me and lead me to them. Within the first couple of people I stopped and met a kid about my age that couldn’t have been older than 20. He told me his name was Ice. He told me about a woman he was sitting with whose name was Marietta. Ice told me how he looks out for people in this park and that he knew quite a few of them. See Ice was a kid that grew up on the street. It broke my heart when he told me his story because he never should have been on the streets, but even though he was his heart still remains pure.

So as we walked over to where Marietta and their stuff was, Ice started telling me that he had just met Marietta and told me how she hadn’t eaten in 3 days. He explained that he started hustling around to get enough money to get her a meal. When I sat down with them in the grass I explained to both of them what I was doing and after giving them water and snacks I asked them If I could pray for them. 

They told me things they were struggling with and we prayed for a few minutes, that's when a man named Alexis showed up. Alexis knew Ice and Marietta and he was especially interested in the bible and was asking me for scriptures about trust and praying and many other topics. After reading some passages in Philippians 4 and Romans 8 we all held hands and prayed again. Marietta prayed in her native language crying out to God, and sang songs of worship. I prayed for Alexis and Ice and what they were struggling with. We had been praying and reading scripture for about 20 min now. At this point Marietta was singing and praising the lord switching between 2 languages, Alexis was hunched over knees on the ground face in the dirt praying gripping my hand tight while me and Ice bowed our heads taking it all in. After about 5 more min we finished praying and I was talking to Alexis when the Holy spirit spoke to me. I didn’t hear the lord's voice, or have a big sensation hit me. I just felt something in my mind and gut say give Alexis your bible he needs it. I was confused at first but I kept feeling pushed to do this, so I said to him “I think the holy spirit is wanting me to give you my bible” I told him I have no idea why but I wanted him to have it. Within about 20 seconds of it being it in his hands he opened up the bible to a random page. I didn't see the chapter but it was somewhere in Psalms. And he read. His voice started as a whisper, reading a psalm that was about the glory of god. His voice began to louden. From a whisper to a shout he read the word of God. When he finished closed his eyes and prayed. It was at that moment I felt joy because I knew it was what the Holy spirit wanted me to do. However I really do miss that bible.

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