Do you Trust God?

Do you trust God’s plan? Do you have faith that he will use every situation you are in for good? Have you surrendered to God’s ultimate plan even when you have no idea where you’re going or what it will look like? I have been asking myself these questions the past few days.

              I’m at a stage in my life right now where I am reliant on my parents. I work but don’t make enough money to fully pay for school. I live with my family and rely on them for certain things that will be my responsibility in the future. The fact is that I can’t ignore the fact that I will have to provide for myself eventually after college when I try to find a job or a career. And it has bothered me for the past couple days of the uncertainties of the future.  The uncertainty’s of; will I get a good job? Will I make enough money? It all seems so stressful that I will have to find ways to fully provide for myself. But that right there is the problem!

              Turning the focus from God will provide for me to I need to provide for me is the root of the issue. I struggle with this a lot! This past week I got into a mode of comparison and envy with what other people are doing that I forgot the amazing fact that God has a plan for me. I get distracted by what was given to them and then start to envy it because it looks great in a worldly lens and my flesh desires it. So, the past few days I have been putting to death the envy and comparison in me. Realizing again that I don’t have worry about the future because I know God will provide for me and all I need to do is work hard and be obedient and faithful to him.

The whole problem comes from when we look to ourselves to provide rather than looking to God to provide. When we look to ourselves, we miss out on everything that God gives us. This is evident even for people who have millions of dollars and can provide themselves with every physical necessity and want, without God they all are missing something. Without God we miss the security that we can receive in Jesus. We miss the fact that even if we lose everything, we still have everything we need through him. When we are anxious and scared, we can look to Jesus Christ who is the only one who can give us peace that exceeds anything we can understand.  Without him we miss his unfailing love that guides us and shelters us. We miss his provision. When I go to God with no idea how this will work out, or where money will come from, or what I’m supposed to do. He will always provide a way through, and he will use every situation this broken world will puts me in for good! AND EVEN IF HIS ANSWER TO MY PRAYER IS NO, I WILL TRUST HIS PLAN BECAUSE HE IS STILL HOLY AND FAITHFUL FOREVER.

              So now ask yourself the question again. Are you trusting God in every situation and turning to him for everything?

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