A Broken World

Today I went into downtown Phoenix to give out water and snacks in my cooler. I started where I normally do walking down Van Buran towards Grand Central Station towards the Civic Space Park. Today I gave out snacks and water to about 25-30 people and prayed for about 90% of them. I asked to pray for everyone I saw and gave them cold water, granola bars, tangerines, and fruit snacks. I told them to take as much as they needed some taking little some taking a lot. I then asked if there was something I can pray for, and that I would like to pray over them. 

Let me tell you the hardest part about it. Its not the Arizona heat, or having to lug a back pack and 50lb cooler around Phoenix. Its looking into some ones eyes whose broken and beaten down, curled in the fetal position in a corner, dirty and disgusting, who watches thousands walk by him who could care less and I squat down ask him if he'd like some free water and snacks, and after giving him what he wanted I asked if there's anything I could pray for him about, and he tells me "pray for my newborn son and wife, I don't know where they are". Seeing a man broken like that is heartbreaking.

While walking downtown Phoenix I prayed for atheist and believers, adults and teenagers, the homeless, the broken, the scared and the weak. And out of all the good I did I was Grieved and heartbroken because I never knew how broken the world was until I tried to pick up a piece. 

My hope is that through this brand I can make a change in as many peoples lives as I can. I hope and pray that this inspires people to help those in need. People need hope and faith, and from what I have seen a lot of people have lost sight of something greater. So as of today I know this is the assignment the lord has given me for now.

- Jack Fox, Breaking Bread Designs

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